Android Auto

The head of Android Auto on how Google self controls the vehicle of the not so distant future.

Local Android infotainment frameworks are coming, and they'll change the manner in which we connect with our vehicles

Google has spent the most recent couple of years working (to some degree discreetly) on an Android-based working framework for vehicles that don't require the utilization of a cell phone. Based on Android P, it's intended to be definitely further developed than the current form of Android Auto, which just activities a telephone interface onto a vehicle's infotainment screen. It's likewise expected to be a more powerful arrangement than some past infotainment frameworks that were based on forked (and exceptionally old) adaptations of Android absent much assistance from Google if any whatsoever. 

We're going to get increasingly acquainted with this new in-vehicle Android encounter, however. Google has hit manages Volvo and Audi to begin revealing these frameworks in 2020, and throughout the most recent year, we've seen a couple of instances of what they will resemble.


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