Honor view 20


A 48-megapixel camera, all-screen display, giant battery, and a humane price punch a hole in the OnePlus armor.

Over the past three years, OnePlus has reigned mostly unchallenged as the “flagship-class Android phone with a midrange price” champion. Fast performance, tons of specs, and a respect for a customer’s wallet have earned that company a loyal and passionate following. But 2019 sees a challenger for the affections of the budget-conscious crowd emerging, and it’s none other than the Honor View 20. This new smartphone ticks many of the same boxes as OnePlus’ latest 6T while also adding a few advantages all its own. With prices for both phones starting at an identical £499 in the UK (the View 20 is set for a US launch later in the year), there can only be one winner, and I’ve come to a surprising conclusion about my favorite.
The eye-grabbing features of the View 20 include a hole-punch display with a 91.82 percent screen-to-body ratio, a 48-megapixel AI camera, and a gorgeous chevron-patterned glass back design. More about them later, but the things that make this phone truly compelling to use are its insanely fast performance combined with a reassuringly huge battery. The View 20 is as nimble as any Android flagship on the market, irrespective of price, with the response times of a spooked hare and the smoothness of a Roger Federer backhand.


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